Workshop ‘Visualizing the future of synchromodality’

On Thursday, 30 June 2022, the hybrid workshop ‘Visualizing the future of Synchromodality’ organized jointly by the University of Antwerp and the Antwerp Management School took place in Antwerp. 13 persons participated physically, and 40 people joined online. The group consisted of experts and advisors in mobility and the modal shift, academics, technology providers, and many more. FRONTIER and the Autonomous Network and Traffic Management Engine (ANTME) were presented during this workshop.

Synchromodality is about synchronizing different freight transport modes (road, waterway, rail, etc.) and their operations so that, based on real-time decision-making, goods can be switched freely between different modes. Such a synchromodal freight transport system might reduce transport's adverse external effects.

FRONTIER’s ANTME might support synchromodality by providing real-time route planning services through a mobile application considering trajectories of multiple modes. ANTME and the corresponding mobile application will serve not only passengers but also freight planners. There was shown a lot of interest in ANTME by the workshop’ participants!

However, synchromodal transport systems also bring significant challenges that should be considered in developing ANTME. During the workshop, we highlighted and initiated discussions around three challenges; operational aspects, data sharing, and business model challenges. The main take-aways from the workshop regarding these topics are;

  • Deep-sea and inland terminals should be addressed and allow for last-minute booking changes
  • The benefits of data sharing should be quantified for the multiple actors in a multi-level logistics environment
  • Shippers and receivers play a significant role in the decision-making on the set-up of the transport chain.


During the workshop, fruitful discussions took place, of which the results will be assembled in a white paper. This paper will be published soon!