01 Jun 2023
4FRONT internal workshop

4FRONT internal workshop on Data Management

FRONTIER together with the 4FRONT Cluster projects (TANGENT, DIT4TRAM and ORCHESTRA) and the MobiDataLab project co-organised an internal online workshop on Data Management.

15 May 2023


Do you often wish you had access tothe information about delays and events on motorways and public transport while you are travelling on a specific corridor? This is what FRONTIER is aiming for: a traffic management system that consists of AI tools that support the implementation of automated applications across all actors involved, with proactive decision support methodologies and tools and a “personalised nudge engine” that will generate recommendations and nudges and will communicate them to travellers to assist them in their travel.

04 May 2023
ITS 2023 Logo

FRONTIER at the ITS2023 in Lisbon

The FRONTIER project is co-organising a session on Technology for leveraging the traffic management of the future together with the 4FRONT Cluster of the Horizon 2020 projects at the ITS2023 in Lisbon.

27 Apr 2023
Blog TUC

Integrated optimal control actions for multi-lane motorway networks

Motorway congestion has plagued numerous highly populated cities all over the world. This situation in transportation management is characterized by significant delays, slower speeds, and exhausted congestion phenomena, typically appearing due to changes in the motorway infrastructure (e.g., a lane-drop, a merging lane, a tunnel, or a bridge).

21 Apr 2023
Picture OCC blog 1

Oxfordshire Multimodality Trail Phase 1

Oxfordshire County Council, one of the FRONTIER project partners, is one of the pilot locations for the Mulitmodality and CAV Trails.

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