FRONTIER at the Digital Transformation Summit 2022

The FRONTIER project was selected to be presented at the “Digital Transformation Summit 2022” on October 26th, 2022, which took place in Madeira, Portugal. Kiousi Akrivi from NETCOMPANY – INTRASOFT was there to provide useful information about the project goals and vision as well as to present how the generated data from the real-time monitoring of the transportation system will benefit future smart cities from the aspect of data exchange.

The event consists of the European Commission's vision for Europe's Digital Decade by 2030 proposing the Digital Compass, which revolves around four cardinal points: Government, Infrastructures, Skills, and Businesses.

The Madeira's Digital Transformation Summit responds to this challenge in a forum where the EU's Digital strategy is debated to achieve the visionary objectives at European and regional levels. Bringing together recognised individualities from the European Commission, Government, Academia and Industry, The Summit sets the scene for a human-centric vision in a digital society.